Wednesday, June 27, 2007

She's Growing Fast!

Miss Marissa is growing so fast. She is doing so much so fast. This weeks she is 7 months old and for a month she has been pulling herself to a standing position using the couch, her dino (shown above) or whatever she can get her hands on. We are hoping that she waits a little while before she starts walking but she is working on cruising right now so I don't think walking is as far off as I would like it to be.
Also she has been going up the step in the family room into the play room. We finally had to buy a gate because there are so many toys in the play room that she does not need to get into. She hates the gate and takes every possible opportunity to escape. She's a fast one. Chasing after her brother is one of her favorite activities. He thinks it's pretty funny too.
I love watching them together and seeing their relationship take shape. They already love each other so much.
Ruben has a small swimming pool and Marissa loves it. Ruben loves spending time outside, swimming and riding his tricycle. We have also been painting, I will post pics of that next time.