Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Quotable Ruben

With the addition of Toby, Ruben has come to learn some new words. One word he has recently learned is "fetch". I'm not sure he really knows what fetch means though, but he's sure he knows "fetch".

Kiesha: Ruben, what is "fetch"?

Ruben: Mom... fetch is when you fetch, then go fetch it.

Got that?!

Happy Birthday Baby & Update

Today is, actually it was Jose's birthday. It's 1 AM now the 27th technically.
We ordered in from Jose's favorite Thai place and had cheesecake afterwards. We sang Happy Birthday to him while Marissa looked at us like we had really lost our minds. She wasn't too keen on the Birthday song. She wanted to go straight to the cake!

He got an expensive fountain pen from his Employees at work and was thrilled.
The present we got him has not come in yet but he will love it. I can't reveal it here because he may surprise me and actually pay our blog a visit. :)

This weekend the kids are going to my mom's so we can celebrate our 5 year anniversary on Sat. I want to try and paint Marissa's room this weekend but not sure I should take on a task like that when we should be celebrating.

Roo is playing soccer for the first time and is so excited. His first practice was supposed to be tonight but it was canceled. They rescheduled it for Friday.

Toby is doing great. Marissa continues to climb on his back and scream "Ride!" He hasn't caught on yet but she tries everyday hoping it will be the day he finally gets it.

Well, I'll be sure to post pics from this weekend. I'm heading to bed. Night all. :)

What happens when you put a little water in the tub and shut the door?

She was so proud of herself.

She was holding her Tiggers up for me to see how clean they were.

A rescued Tigger drying off.

Marissa sneaks to her room and smuggles her tiggers into the bathroom for a swim in the bathtub, diaper and all. I was going to give Roo and Rissa a bath early but changed my mind and was headed to the bathroom to let the water out when I found Miss Priss and the two poor Tiggers.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And Then There Were Five

We are officially a family of five now. We adopted our fifth member this past Sunday at Jack's Place in White Plains, KY, an animal rescue. Jose has been wanting a Boxer so we have been looking online and at several animal shelters to see if we could find the right Boxer for our family. I have always wanted a Chocolate Lab but since Jose has never had a dog I was ok with letting him have a boxer.

I saw that Jacks place had a boxer so I called and was told that the boxer would not be good around kids. So I asked about the chocolate Lab I saw online. After talking to Jose and calling many places for a boxer we made arrangements for us to go see her this past Sat. After I got off the phone I continued to look at the other dogs they have at Jack's Place. I had just pulled up a picture of one of the dogs when Ruben came up behind me and yelled "I want that one!" Well that one happened to be a brown and white mixed cattle dog and red heeler.
I had no interest in this particular dog so I told Ruben we could not pick a dog based on looks or even breed, yeah I said that and was immediately convicted.
So the next day we all go to the shelter and see the chocolate Lab. Well I knew right away she was not the dog for us and neither was the boxer. We looked at a few more and then I decided to look at the one Roo wanted. After much consideration we decided he was the one for our family.
We went back and got him on Sunday.

We could not have asked for a better dog. He already knew the basic commands and is great with the kids as you can see in the bottom picture with Marissa. Poor dog.
He walks great on a leash and loves to play fetch with the kids. We are working on other commands and he is doing great.

Introducing Toby:

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Watch out Gisele

A friend of mine has started making dresses. She came by to show us some. As soon as Miss Marissa saw them she was taking off her clothes so that she could put them on. So we decided she would make the perfect model. She was such a little ham. Turning all the way around slowly so we could see the whole dress.
Unfortunately for her, we did not have time for a full out photo shoot. These pictures were just quick snaps as you can tell.
She does love to have her picture taken. I'm sure we will get more pictures in all the dresses soon and I will be sure to post them up. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Week Already

Tomorrow will be one week since Roo started school. I can't believe how fast this week has went by. He is loving school. It took him a while to get used to getting up at 6:30. He has done a lot better since he started going to bed at 7:30. He's not so tired in the mornings now.
He was sent to the naughty room yesterday because he would not leave a little girl's hair alone. I'm sure this is just the beginning.:)
Marissa is not happy about Roo being gone in the mornings. She walks around looking for him and calling his name. I'm sure she will adjust and get used to having Mommy all to herself.
Well I have been recovering from a migraine headache for two days now. I feel a lot better but I'm just so drained from dealing with it.

I'll update more later and I will post pictures of the house. Promise :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My Baby is at School

Ruben woke up this morning so excited about going to school. He got dressed, made his bed, ate breakfast, and brushed his teeth. He thought it was funny that I was following him around with a camera to capture every move he made.

Making his bed.

My little spy.

He was having a harder time leaving Oso than his Mommy.

Jose and I took him in and he had no problem with us leaving him there.

I am so very proud of my little guy. I can't wait to hear how his day went. I miss him so much already.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Quotable Ruben

This one is for you Star Wars fans out there. We have a budding movie star. You all remember the scene on the Millenium Falcon when Luke has to wear a helmet blocking his vision and asked to block some small laser blasters coming at him. He thinks he can't but Obi Wan tells him to use the Force.

I'll set the scene. We are at our old house packing up boxes. Ruben grabs his ligh saber and places a box over his head.

Ruben: "Dad, shoot your blaster at me so I can use the Force to block it."

Dad: "Alright buddy." Dad makes blaster sounds.

Mom (with surprised delayed reaction): "Ruben, what did you say?"

Ruben: "Mom, I'm using the Force to block his blaster shooter."

Mom: "What is the force?"

Ruben (sounding incredously): "Mom, the force is what flows through my body and controls my actions."

Mom: "Oh I don't think so. You control your own actions Ruben."

George Lucas would be proud. Well, Dad was a little proud too. Hahahaha.

Always Up to Something

I thought she was in her room playing. She was being so quiet, she's such a sneaky little monkey.

As soon as I got her off the table she was on to her next adventure. :)

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Somewhat Settled In

We have been in our new home since July 29th. On Thursday we had everything moved out of the old house and turned in the keys. We have actually gotten a lot unpacked. It really feels like home and I am loving it.
We have not yet closed on the house, it seems like every time we have been set to close another form was needed or someone was on vacation that needed to sign off on something.
We are set to close on Wed. of this week, the same day Roo starts school. God has really been good to us. I was so worried that we would not have everything ready for when Roo started school but even though we are closing a lot later than planned, God worked it out so that we are comfortably settled in our home for when Ruben starts school.

The kids have adjusted so well to the move. Ruben has bunk beds in his room so we put his toddler bed in Marissa's room. I did not think she would do well without her crib. I just knew there would be no way she would stay in bed, but she has and she loves having her own room and a toddler bed.

I will post more pics of the house later.
Here are some pics from today of the kids playing outside.

Jose mowing the lawn for the first time at our home. Poor thing, it's a huge yard!

This is part of the backyard. The wooden playset came with the house, the log cabin came with us.

This is our shed.