Monday, March 26, 2007

Little Miss Bunny

Saturday, March 24, 2007

This was taken on Thursday. I put the bow in Marissa's hair for mom because she loves her with bows, poor Marissa :). The other one is a close up of Ruben that I love because it shows his beautiful eyes and would be a perfect picture if not for the chocolate on his face, but I guess that is just a typical Ruben picture. That's my boy!

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Do you hear that????????

Listen closely....It's SILENCE!!!! No crying, no constant 'mommy,mommy, mommy! Deana took the kids for two days! Two whole night and days! That means, no washing bottles, no cartoons, no diapers. I can watch an entire tv show uninterrupted, take a bath or shower longer than 15 minutes, sleep past 7:30. Actually, get on the computer without Roo screaming "I want to play Elmo computer game!" I can talk on the phone, and entire uninterrupted conversation, go to the bathroom by myself, stay in bed all day if I want, eat an entire meal without having to warm it up several times. Even stay in bed all day if I like.

Now I know some of you who work may be saying, I wish I could do that to. But keep in mind, stay at home moms do not get lunch breaks, 15 minute breaks, even bathroom breaks, no sick days, or vacation days. We do not get off work at 5:00. So I am so excited that I get 2 whole days to do whatever I what, WHATEVER I want! How cool is that?!?!?
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Olan Mills Pictures taken Feb 22, 07

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Our Crazy Family

I love these pics! Ruben is always silly. I was going through the archives on our blog, which by the way everyone can do, just look on the right side. It goes all the way back to 2004 when Ruben was a baby and we still lived in LA. It's great that I have all his firsts and the pictures recorded on here. I have printed them out and I'm gonna put it all in an album.

Today is Mom's birthday. We spent the weekend over there and had a great time. I just realized today is also Jenn's birthday.

Happy Birthday Jenn!!!

Valentines 2007

We went to this wonderful Indian restaurant for Valentines Day this year! It was honestly the best food I have ever eaten at a restaurant. And we tried some things we have never tried. Anyone ever heard of a Hookah??? :) I will save those pics for another time :)

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Ruben, where oh where are you?????????

Finally, I have some time to catch everyone up. So much has happened but we are all doing fine. Well ok, I'm struggling and adjusting to the two kid thing but I will get it. I would be fine if my dear Ruben were here but no, he has been replaced by someone I refer, loving of course, to as the TERROR! Maybe it was all the bragging I used to do on him and how well behaved he was and HE WAS until his sister was born. Now the little boy that rarely threw tantrums and hardly ever had to go to time out, now spends most of his day doing both. I feel like a drill Sergeant some days but refuse to give in to him.

I think it also has a little to do with all the company we have had lately. First uncle Josh and last week Aunt Soledad, Jose's sister, came. I think he likes to show off when company is here.

It was great having Aunt Sole and here are some pics of her visit. However, it was very comical the way Jose and Sole act together. They fight like little kids and I told Jose to stop and guess what he said, "She started it!" I said you are 34 years old and I'm not your mother I'm your wife!!!! lol I guess I just got a preview of what I will be going through in a few years.
This is posted by me, Kiesha, I can't log in as myself only as Jose. Will fix that soon!