Monday, January 31, 2005

Unemployed Daddy

Well, Daddy is still in the ranks of the unemployed. Every day I peruse the employment ads, internet, and company websites to see if a job opens up. By the looks of things, if I want to be a truck driver or housekeeper I could easily find a job.

I have sent my resume out to four organizations looking to hire. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm hoping one of them calls for an interview this week or next week. I will be sending out letters and resumes to some local contacts and see if I can begin to network a bit.

In the interim, daddy is enjoying his free time to play with Rubzilla (when he is in the mood) and spend time with mommy. I'm presently mid-way through a book that Jayme gave me a while back titled, "I had brain surgery, what's your excuse?". It is a very charming and intimate memoir by Susan Becker on her experience and recovery with brain surgery. I should have read this book much earlier, since it's been 7 months since my sister had brain surgery. I'm hoping to finish it soon so that I may send it to Soledad and Trista so that they may enjoy the book as well.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ruben is a Friskies Boy

Ruben crawling around brings much joy to our hearts. It is fun watching his little diaper butt scooting here and there. What is not fun is watching him crawl into the kitchen and head straight to the cabinet door that daddy hasn't put a safety latch on yet. He apparently has a great power of recollection, because he remembers that he can't open the other cabinet doors, but he can open that one specifically.

He also loves to chase Abigail around the house. He gets a big kick out of touching her tail. For the past three weeks I've been catching him as he chases Abby and then heads to the cat food bowls wanting to eat the small bits of food that look yummy to him. One time he dipped his hand in the water bowl and now the cats apparently don't wish to drink from that bowl since it has baby cooties. The cats feel Ruben is marking his territory and they don't like it.

Two days ago I was in the back room while Ruben was up front with his mommy and nanas and finally reached his goal of getting into that Friskies bowl. He ate a piece and mommy was frantic, daddy was smiling and trying not to laugh, and Ruben was tickled pink. He didn't spit it out and continued to finish eating it so it must not have tasted bad. Surely, he'll be okay, but just in case we'll keep our eye out to see if he starts playing with the toy mice or using the litter box. :-)

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What do Andy and our cats have in common?

Last night Kiesha subjected herself to be monitored during her sleep to determine if she had some sleep disorder. I think Kiesha would rather have her teeth pulled than have someone monitor her while sleeping but nevertheless had the courage to go through it. I love you baby.

Although the sleep technician there was not a trained sleep specialist, he gave us a preliminary analysis only, with a professional analysis to follow - what we do know is that Kiesha doesn't fall into the REM sleep and when she does she only gets a small amount of it. This means that Kiesha doesn't get the deep, restful, restorative sleep that she needs in order to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. This is awful! I would go nuts if I woke up every morning feeling like I didn't get a minute of sleep.

Now you may be asking, "How did they get to the point of going through a sleep study?" Heck, you may be asking, "What does Andy and two cats have to do with this story?" Patience, people...patience.

Well, it turns out that at times Kiesha's nocturnal tossing, turning and kicking would sometimes interfere with my sleep. Now, nobody messes with Daddy's sleep. Nobody. Lets just say that I value my 8 hours of sleep. Andy places a much higher value on his sleep since he one time uttered the all-time favorite phrase, "There is nothing I would rather be doing than sleeping". Our two cats would surely agree.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

"I HAVE THE MUNCHIES". -- Apparently, we don't feed the little guy enough. I hope he was heading for the mustard and not the bottle of wine. Posted by Hello

Monday, January 17, 2005

Update on Roo

He has TWO TEETH! Both on bottom in front. He is cutting his top front and I'm afraid he's cutting more all at once. Which has meant long nights and more crying than Jose and I have had to endure since the child has been born. So much for our perfect child who never cried :)
He is still mister happy go lucky during the day but at night is when he has the most pain. It's great to have his Nana and Mamaw here to take the monitor some nights! It's so hard seeing him in so much pain. He is pulling up on everything, getting into everything. and can stand alone for a few seconds. He will be walking soon, I can't believe he will be 1 yr in 3 months. Its crazy!

I went for my check up today. All my labs came back ok. Apparently I don't have diabetes, but they will continue to keep a check on it. They aren't sure why my sugar went so high.
But I'm an insomniac, have been my whole life so some how my doctor and dear husband got me to agree to go next Monday night to have a sleep study done so they can see why I can't sleep and why I am so restless when I do.
There is still time to change my mind. It will be really weird, having people watching you through a glass from 9pm till 7am, it is supposed to be set up like a hotel. What was I thinking when I agreed to this. Still have a week to back out!

Well I miss you all and expect you all to start posting! I have spoken to some and made my threats, the rest of you post your own news or atleast comment!
Rosa how is little Nathan doing?
Molly how's Oakland and the dating scene? ;)
Mee Mee how is married life?
Denise how's the weather ?;)
Clementina how is LAHSA without Jose, much quieter I'm sure ;)
Andy how are you liking your new condo and living alone?
Pete and Sharon how are things in San Diego?
Maythee how are you?
April how are you and Miriam?
Heather, where are you????

Well gotta go little man is screaming because Papi won't let him turn the channels on the tv.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

California Leavin'

Here is a portion of an article that is in today's Owensboro paper. Kiesha and I are not the only Californians moving to Kentucky.

California Leavin': "California Leavin'
Transplants from Golden State find a lot to like in Kentucky


By Rene� Beasley Jones
Samuel and Sandra Glazebrook moved from Wildomar, Calif., to Owensboro.
On purpose. And, no, they're not crazy.

The Skaufel family, from left, Heather, 30, Kassi, 7, Shelby, 5 and Eric, 33, moved to Owensboro from Oroville in northern California in March 2000. They made the change in part because of the lower cost of living and what they consider a family-friendly, small-town feel of the area. One of Eric Skaufel's friends who played baseball at Kentucky Wesleyan College and later moved his family to Owensboro called to tell him how great the city was. Moving to Owensboro has allowed Heather Skaufel to stay at home with her children while still making ends meet on Eric Skaufel's income, the couple said. Photo by Gary Emord-Netzley, M-I

The retired couple, who lived 27 years in Southern California, love bluegrass music and wanted to start a program that encouraged kids in the public school system to play the guitar, banjo or fiddle. Kentucky, the birthplace of bluegrass, seemed ideal.
Also, the Glazebrooks feared the skyrocketing cost of living in the nation's best clime -- where average rents run $1,200 a month and energy costs are the highest nationwide -- would squeeze their retirement income. So in May 2003, they lived out their own version of the Beverly Hillbillies -- in reverse.
They sold their Wildomar home for four times what they paid for it, which enabled them to pay cash for a comparable house here. They had enough left over for a nice nest egg and to fund a music program, which provided $8,000 in instruments to Daviess County schools last year. Now, they operate a similar program "

Sometimes Kiesha still asks me the same question just to confirm that I am not crazy.