Saturday, January 31, 2009

Safe and Sound

We survived an ice storm. I don't think anyone here in KY was prepared for just how bad it was. We finally have Internet service and electricity. We were the lucky ones and only lost electricity for not quite 24 hours. Thank God for our wood burning stove. The same wood burning stove that I wanted to get rid of when we first moved in. It now has earned it's place in our family and will not be going anywhere.

We live in Hopkinsville and it was bad here but not as bad as it was in Madisonville, 45 min from here. My mom and Deana (my aunt) live in Madisonville, lost electricity on Tuesday at noon. I spent all day Tuesday on the phone with 20 different people trying to find out how we could get my mom out if the electricity did not come back on for a few days. I talked to the Emergency Management person, ambulance service and the House Supervisor at the Hospital. No one could really give me any answers.

Just for those who don't know. My mom is bed bound and has not walked or been in a car for a year. A year ago she broke her leg and because of her osteoporosis it has not healed very much even though they did surgery and they put plates and screws in it. She has several other medical problems also. She hasn't even been in a wheel chair for about 3 months. She is supposed to be getting a lift to get her in and out of her wheel chair but it is taking forever to get it to go through with Medicaid.

Anyway, there was no phone service Tuesday night so I could not get a hold of Mom and Deana to see if they were safe. I couldn't even get through to the police station, all phones were out and stayed out for about 4 days.

Tuesday night, after several hours, I found someone with a kerosene heater and Jose took it to them that night. It was treacherous but he made the trip there. Wednesday we found out that there wasn't anything open at all in Madisonville so we knew there was no way for them to get more Kerosene. Most of Hopkinsville (our town) was out of kerosene because everyone from the surrounding counties were coming here.

We finally found someone who had 3 gallons of kerosene and they gave it to us. All I can say is God was watching over us. I took the kerosene to them on Wed. night and Mom was not doing well. She was white as a sheet and shaking. The only time I have seen her look that bad was when we almost lost her a year ago.

There was nothing I could do that night, she wouldn't let me call 911 and I had been told there wasn't much they could do because the hospital would not admit her. We did not have enough people to move her and she was terrified of being moved because she has been dropped so many times.

I made sure they got the kerosene heater working and warmed up. Then I had to leave because there was no way of letting Jose know I was ok and I had to go to Hopkinsville for phone service so that I could coordinate getting mom out the next day.

Leaving them there is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I cried and prayed the whole way back for God to just take care of them and keep them safe until I could get back to get them out. I did not know how I was going to get mom out, only that I was.

I got home, helped Jose get the kids settled. We were still without electricity that night and the kids had a blast camping out in the living room in front of the wood stove.

I started making calls that night and found a sweet older lady that goes to the Center where Jose works to come over and watch the kids Thursday morning.

I called everywhere trying to find people who could help us get mom in our house and could not find anyone.
Jose and I went to Madisonville anyway on Thursday morning. We weren't sure what was going to happen, we just knew that mom was not doing well and we had to get her out. My mom's neighbor and her husband and brother came over to help lift mom.

When I got there on Thursday morning, mom looked so bad. She was freezing and dehydrated. We put her gate belt on her and the five of us got her in her wheel chair and then into the car. I am pretty sure she sprained her ankle while we were getting her into the car but at that point it was minor compared to what could have happened to her if we had not gotten her out.

We got her here and found two EMTs that helped get her into our house. When they pulled up I was not very confident because they were both pretty skinny guys but they pretty much lifted mom by themselves.

We put her in our room and had to take the door off and part of her wheel chair wheels off but we finally got her in our bed.

Jose and I are sleeping on the couches in the living room but I don't mind. I would sleep on the floor if I had to. I'm just so very thankful they are here and safe. And mom finally got to see our house for the first time.

They will probably be staying here a couple of months. Home health is supposed to be coming in tomorrow. We did not have to transfer to the agency here because Madisonville's home health has someone who works for them but lives here.

There have been 3 people who have died due to this ice storm. I did not know them but I am keeping their families in my prayers. I just pray that there are not more people who have not been found yet. I know the National Guard is now in Madisonville doing door to door checks.

I have been reminded once more what really is important in life. The little things that I let bother me from day to day just do not matter in the bigger scheme of things. I just wonder how many times I will have to be reminded of that. I remember it when I lose someone or face some tragedy but then I soon forget and need to be reminded once more.

Thank you God for keeping my family safe and please be with those families who have lost someone during this storm and be with the ones that have been affected by this and those who still do not have power.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Your Gonna Miss This....Moment

I recently found this blog called Your Gonna Miss This that had a GREAT idea, posting about the "moments" we're going to miss when our kids grow older. You can read more about it here.
The name is from the Trace Atkins song, Your Gonna Miss This, which is one of my favorites.

I'm definitely going to miss holding my sleeping baby girl in my arms while she snores quietly. This was her sleeping in my arms during Deb's dad's memorial. In no time at all she will be too big for me to hold like this. Boy am I gonna miss that.

Monday, January 26, 2009

We Are Home

Marissa and I came back from Ashland Friday night. Marissa did great on the trip there but she got sick the first night. I think it was just her allergies.

It was a very hard trip. My heart is broken for my best friend and her whole family. The memorial was beautiful. I just feel a little drained and empty right now so I don't have a lot of words.

I only took a few pictures this time. Here are two of my favorites.

Monday, January 19, 2009

He Passed Away

Deb's dad died last night. She was with him when he died. All five children are having a hard time with it. Leoma, his wife, is especially having a hard time. They were married 51 years. I can't even comprehend how long that is.

Marissa and I will be leaving on Wed. to go to the memorial which is on Thursday. I think it will do Deb good to see her God Daughter right now.

Please keep this family in your prayers and pray for us to have a safe trip to Ashland.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mom is your name...

I found this on my friend Marla's Craft blog. I especially needed to read this today!

The telephone's ringing, the TV is blaring
Sister is crying 'cause brother's not sharing

There's a spill on the carpet that no one will claim,
There's no time for sitting when mommy's your name.

The Laundry is folded, but not put away
The dishes you just washed were from yesterday

Without any warning, your relatives came
There's no getting caught up when mommy's your name.

You drive to the market, you drive to the school
You drive to the cleaners, you drive the carpool

You drive yourself crazy, it's really a shame that
There's no time for resting when mommy's your name.

To your bedroom you sneak to find peace for a minute,
but your minute is over before you begin it.

Your little one finds you, and thinks it's a game
There's no time for hiding when mommy's your name.

At night as you kneel to thank Heaven above you,
an angel creeps in and says, "mommy, I love you."

You may not know glory, or fortune or fame,
but what does it matter when Mommy's your name?

Monday, January 12, 2009

What Happens at Dinner When Marissa Hasn't had a Nap?

I even took her pigtails out and she still didn't wake up. But she never let go of her grilled cheese! :)

A New Toy

If you have visited our blog in the last day or two you have probably wondered what is going on because the look changes every 10 minutes. Well, I've found a new toy and I'm having way too much fun making headers and trying to decide which look I like best. So bear with me, I'm sure by tonight I will have made a decision. My poor kids are hoping I make one soon because they need to be feed, dressed, and entertained. :)

You can find my new toy at Scrapblog.
I've also decided that since I'm not good at scrap booking the old fashion way that I would use scrapblog to make a page every month for the kids and have them printed out and put them in a book.
That way when my kids see Josh and Jake's scrapbooks when they are older they won't feel quite so unloved.
Marla has documented every moment of their lives and I think it's awesome, I wish I had the talent and patience to do that. Since I don't I guess scrapblog is the next best thing, or at least that is what I will tell the kids. :)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Promise to Myself for 2009

Well, first off I am home. I got in Sunday night. Deb has pneumonia but is slowly getting better. There is no change in her dad. It was very hard to leave but I had to get back.

Tonight I am overcome with so many emotions.

The year has started and I know of several people who have lost someone in the last week or so. My heart aches for all who have lost someone they love and cherish.

My best friend, Deb, and her family may soon have to spend 2009 learning how to live without a beloved husband, father, grandfather, friend and all around American Hero.

Deb's dad is hanging on but the family is going through so very much right now. They are grieving the man they knew and loved for so many years. If he makes it, he may never be the same.

We aren't promised tomorrow but we are promised that God will walk the journey of grief or whatever road we may have to go down, even if He has to carry us.

Grief is such a very hard road.

We all grieve.

Whether it's a childhood lost, the ending of a marriage, having to let go of a dream, or the death of a loved one.

I'm in no way comparing these.
While there is nothing that can compare to facing the finality of losing someone you love, the process of grief is the same.

I've been down the road of grief many times and my heart aches for those who are starting or continuing the journey of grief this year.

I am reminded every day to squeeze every bit of life out of every moment. I want everyone in my life to know how very much I love and appreciate them. I never want to have to face another casket with a list of things I wish I had said.

So my promise to myself for 2009 is to spend the year showing the people in my life how much I cherish them.

I mean really, how much time does it take to address a card and take it to the post office, to send an email, to buy and inexpensive gift, to give someone a hug or just simply say thank you.

I let so many opportunities pass me by this year, opportunities to show the people in my life how much they are loved and appreciated.

I let myself off the hook by saying, "Oh, well I'm just so busy, they will understand." What if they aren't around to understand, what if I don't get the chance again.

So this year, I will drop the excuses and do my best to take every chance I get and show people what they mean to me, because I don't want to be here next year with a list of things I wish I had said or done to someone who is no longer here.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Missing My Babies from Ashland

I left late Tuesday night to come to Ashland, KY (6 hour drive). My best friend Debbie's dad is ICU and they are not expecting him to live. He has had four strokes. Tuesday they called the family in to say goodbye so I decided it was time for me to come. He is still hanging on.
Wed. morning when I woke Elaina (my 4 yr old niece) up she got this big smile on her face and said "Kee Kee, you have been gone a long time."
She is such a little sweetie. It doesn't matter how long it's been since I have seen her, when I visit she wants no one but her Kee Kee.

I have really enjoyed spending time with her and my godson Travis. But I miss my babies and Jose. I have never spent New Years without the kids since they have been born and in 8 years Jose and I have only spent one New Years apart. So I'm really missing them but I know I need to be here. On top of everything Debbie is sick with bronchitis.

I'm not sure when I will be heading home, but I don't think I will be able to stay past Wed. I would hate to leave and then something happen because I'm not sure if I will be able to come back.

I will try to post some pics up of my visit while I am here.

Hope everyone has a great New Year.