Friday, February 25, 2005

Ruben's First Steps

The past week Ruben has been taking his first steps. His first steps last Friday. It happened where Ruben had fallen while cruising around the recliner and I picked him up and stood him up in front of me about four steps away, just to see if he would stand up without leaning on something like he had done in the past, but then all of a sudden he began walking towards me so that I could hold him. He had a huge grin on his face as he came towards me. Both his hands out in front of him trying to reach for me.

You should have seen my expression when he took those four steps towards me. Honestly, he seemed to walk in slow motion. He obviously wasn't, but that's how it seemed to me as I watched him take each step. If it were a scene from a movie you would hear the theme song from "2001: A Space Odyssey" playing in the background; a close-up shot of Ruben's face showing a big, slobbery grin; then a shot from the side as he finally makes it to me and I give him a big hug. All in slow motion of course. :-) Movies can sometimes be more dramatic than real life, but this moment for me has been etched in my mind in such dramatic fashion.


Napoleon said...

Far beyond the music and the statics of the production of a movie, it must have been a true moment to see your boy give those steps towards you with that nice grim painted on him. Happy for you bro. Hope you and the mrs. are doing great. I'm well reather real bussy with the wedding thing. i thought it would be more easy, however, it gets tuffer by the day.
I already have hotel ready and food and other things like the church, i'm missing the DJ.
Any ways Natalia is growing and she now says, dada, mama, ok, dady, and to say no she nodds her had. she is looking beautiful by the day. hope to e-mail you pics soon.

take care.