Thursday, March 22, 2007

Do you hear that????????

Listen closely....It's SILENCE!!!! No crying, no constant 'mommy,mommy, mommy! Deana took the kids for two days! Two whole night and days! That means, no washing bottles, no cartoons, no diapers. I can watch an entire tv show uninterrupted, take a bath or shower longer than 15 minutes, sleep past 7:30. Actually, get on the computer without Roo screaming "I want to play Elmo computer game!" I can talk on the phone, and entire uninterrupted conversation, go to the bathroom by myself, stay in bed all day if I want, eat an entire meal without having to warm it up several times. Even stay in bed all day if I like.

Now I know some of you who work may be saying, I wish I could do that to. But keep in mind, stay at home moms do not get lunch breaks, 15 minute breaks, even bathroom breaks, no sick days, or vacation days. We do not get off work at 5:00. So I am so excited that I get 2 whole days to do whatever I what, WHATEVER I want! How cool is that?!?!?
Posted by Kiesha


JennH said...

Unfortunately, I can't hear your silence over the racket going on at my place. :) lol

I'm glad you got a break, you definitely needed it.