Monday, May 14, 2007

Ruben's 3rd Birthday

We just had a small party at home, a Thomas Train party of course. :)
He loved helping me decorate his cake and Erra (Sierra) spent the night before and he loves her.
He got lots of little trains he collects form Thomas Train and he knows all of their names. We got him a punching bag and gloves and also a soccer net that cheers when you make a goal. He got clothes and a dinosour that you can draw on and then it glows in the dark. Oh and also one of his favorite things is the bubble lawn mower he received. He gets out there and mows with me or Jose for as long as we are out there. he will be sweating and his face all red but he doesn't stop until we do. I have to make him go inside and get water and cool down.


JennH said...

Wow, I've been waiting for these pictures. YAY!!!

The cake looks awesome!!! Very professional!!

Looks like it was a very fun day.