Sunday, February 24, 2008

They are done!

I have finally completed our tax forms. Well, I had actually completed our federal tax return about two weeks ago, I simply need to do our state tax return. Somehow it seems like the state tax return is more complex. Maybe it is just me.

My next task is to send out our rebate form for the new cellphone we bought. That form is months and months late. I hope we can still get our $50 back. Kiesha is getting on me about sending that out. Maybe that is what I will do as soon as I get off of here.

Oh yeah, Kiesha has been getting on me about posting on our blog since it has been years since I have posted. I'm a slacker, but at least I got our taxes done. Wooohoooo!


Jenn said...

THANK GOODNESS we only have the Fed Income Tax!! You guys should move down here, that way Kiesha won't nag you so much. ;) LOL