Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Great Trip to Ashland

I left Thursday night around 7 pm to go on my trip. Six hours in a car by myself was a little piece of heaven I have to say. I missed the kids a lot but it was nice. I was able to spend so one on one time with my niece, best friend and Godson. It was a great trip. Deb and I went out to eat Friday night with no children. I don't think that has happened in at least four years!
I left around 7 am Sunday morning to come home. I was surprised and maybe a little disappointed to find that the house did not fall apart without me, and the kids survived.

Elaina and I had a blast. As soon as she saw me Friday morning she screamed "I love you Kee Kee!"

This was our nap time. Sshhh, don't tell Nana Dee.

See, we did actually sleep. lol

Putting on Aunt Kee Kee's makeup.

Playing baseball.

Being adorable.