Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Three 4 Year Olds, a 2 Year Old & Lots of Sugar

Josh and Jake came over today. We made brownies, ate hot dogs buns, and decorated giant ginger bread and snowman cookies.

Marissa ate way more candy than she put on her ginger bread man.

Jake got a little crazy with the pink.

Mr. GQ (Josh) and his prized snowman.

Roo inspecting his work.

The boys were using their buns for telephones. Goofy little fellows.

And the most important thing is... Marla and I made it out alive and we didn't even have to break out the bottle. :)

It's awesome to have a friend who just gets it, it being what real motherhood is like and someone who knows sometimes you just do what works.

Thanks Marla for being such a great friend. I'm so glad you gave a complete stranger me your number in the mall when the boys were a year old. :)