Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Checking In

I just realized it had been a week since i had posted anything.

We FINALLY have everything out of mom and D's house and have turned the keys over.

That was such a weight lifted, it only took 11 trips to Good will with the car packed full, the largest U haul they have packed full, many trips here with the car packed full and three truck loads of stuff we gave to a guy kind enough to finish cleaning the house out for us.

But we are DONE! Thank you God, because I was beginning to believe we would be cleaning that house out forever and beginning to question whether or not someone was coming and dropping truck loads of stuff off after we left.

Now comes the job of getting our house together, so that 6 people can live comfortable in it without getting on each others nerves.

We have given mom and D our big family room and we are now using our small entry way/living room as our family room. I went into decorating mode and had to get everything done in our new family room yesterday.

I just needed pictures and curtains to be hung so that i could feel comfortable in here. We had not yet made it to this room as far as decorating goes. We moved into this house in August of last year and the only rooms that have been fully decorated was the kitchen and Marissa's room.

I bought a gazillion baskets, because clutter is bad for my mental health, so shoving it all into pretty little baskets that have lids makes me better and able to deal with it all.

I got mom into the recliner on Sat all by myself using the lift. It was the first time she has been in a recliner in over a year.
The weather is nice today so I'm am going to try and talk her into letting me wheel her outside for a walk.

This post may make no sense because I have been so very exhausted but I know that after we get everything situated and get on a schedule that life will be more enjoyable and less exhausting.


JennH said...

I just wanted to add a big PRAISE GOD for finally being finished with the other house. I can only imagine what a task it's been. Take some time to rest as you can cause I know you need it!!