Saturday, May 30, 2009

You're Gonna Miss This... Moment

It's time again to join Pam and reflect upon the moments you will miss the most since time seems to be moving at warp speed these days.

So here is my moment, hang in there it's a little long but it's precious moment/moments to me.

I was six months pregnant with Roo when we bought his first gift.
I remember vividly the day we bought it at Toys R US. I spent at least 30 minutes digging through the bin to find the perfect stuffed animal. Jose was getting a bit frustrated and said it's just a stuffed animal and he will just be a baby does it really matter all that much? Well, it certainly did, although I guess he was somewhat right but for some reason I needed to pick the perfect one. After lots of searching and digging, I found him, a soft cuddly bear with a blue ribbon around his neck, perfect size, perfect in every way.

The bear was placed in his crib way before he was born and was waiting for him when he arrived home (I have pics of that but they are on a cd somewhere).

He liked the bear as a baby but around the age of one, he became incredibly attached to it. He named the bear Oso(Spanish for bear, very creative I know).

From the age of one on he would not sleep without the bear or leave the house without him. I can't tell you how many search party's we have had to send out to locate that bear so the child could go to sleep.

Five years later and he still can't sleep without him. Oso even has to ride to school with him although he's not allowed to take him in to school but he expects Oso to be in the car waiting right where he left him when he gets picked up from school.

So I have to say, I will miss seeing him dragging that bear around all the time and insisting he be in most of his photos, even the family photos including the family photo for the church directory(that pic is not scanned though). I know there will come a day when he will let go of Oso, or at least I'm hoping he doesn't drag him off to college :) And when that day comes I will miss seeing my little boy with the bear he holds so dear to his little heart.


marla g. said...

AWWW!!! There is a show on one of the kids channels now called Super Agent Oso. I always think of Roo when I hear the commercials for it! I'm glad you saved this story for him in the future. the boys switch animals all the time and I kind of wish they had one that was
"theirs" although it does make more work having to keep up with it.

Just a FYI, my brother took his bear Brownie to college, and medical school and still has it on his bed to this day. My bear Coragious- helped me not to be afraid of the dark- and still sits on my nightstand. He went to college with me, the police academy, and has been to Berlin, on a Carribbean cruise, and Alaskan Cruise, and lived in Texas too so he is a well traveled bear! Hopefully you will be taking lots more pictures of Roo and Oso for years and years to come! love ya!

Anonymous said...

oh, and the bear always goes on vacation with us! LOL! Maybe I'm lucky that the boys don't have one that I have to keep up with!