Saturday, October 17, 2009

Trip to Nebraska, We Survived Two Days in the Car with the Kids

I have neglected this blog lately.
Ruben is loving Kindergarten and I volunteer there about
three times a week and he loves me being there, for now at least.

So much has been going on, We recently went to NE because Jose's dad had blood clots in his legs. They were able to get the big ones but there is not much they can do for the small ones from the knee down. We drove down, drove halfway then stayed in a motel. It was great to see Jose's parents with the kids. Here are a few of the pictures I took on the road and while we were there.
Getting ready to leave Thursday morning.

Haven't even left the driveway and look at that face!

Marissa's hair after 6 hours in the car.

Finally we made it to Missouri

More pictures to come soon!