Tuesday, November 16, 2004

He has a rash!

Ruben is still sick. The doctor said on Friday that sometimes babies run a fever for a few days and then break out into a rash. I had never heard of this. Even after the doctor mentioned a rash on Friday I still freaked out and called her 3 times yesterday when I discovered a bright red bumpy rash all over Ruben's back. Nothing like being a first time mom and freaking out all the time. :)

His fever is gone and the rash is looking better but he is very grumpy. Constantly whining and fussing today. I guess he has us spoiled. He is such a good baby and rarely fusses, so when he does it wears me out. So I am counting down the hours till Jose gets home so I can hand him Ruben and go have a drink and hot bath! :)


Anonymous said...

I talked to my cousin Dave's wife Dori yesterday. She is really excited that you guys are coming over for Thanksgiving, because you're bringing a baby. She says she wants to get all her chores done early so she can hold the baby all day long. :) So don't expect to have to carry Ruben around too much during Thanksgiving. :)


Kiesha Q said...

Wow you mean I get a day off?!? You should give me her number! ;)
But I think you should tell her that Ruben isn't really a baby, he is a 7 month old, 21 lb 31 inch child who has just recently went from the perfect, quiet child to a very grumpy, vocal, mobile, little boy. :)
But the best part about him is that he thinks I'm the funniest person he has ever seen, he constantly laughs at my funny faces and sounds......wait a minute... maybe he just thinks I'm funny looking.