Sunday, November 28, 2004

Take a good look at this woman. According to Ruben she is public enemy #1 and should be apprehended. She came by Saturday and scared Ruben with her mere presence. Then after she said something, Ruben once again began screaming and crying. Poor little guy. Poor Heather. I don't know what kinda karma you have Heather but you may need to see a curandera to cleanse you or something. :-) hahahaha Well, she can drown out her sorrows in alcohol because she left our place Saturday with a big carton full of all our liquor...I mean "spirits". Spirits sounds so much nicer. She made off like a bandit and for that alone she deserves the title of public enemy #1. Posted by Hello


Heather said...

Jose you are an evil, evil man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i shall see you soon!!!!!!!