Saturday, April 02, 2005

Kiesha's Godson Praying for the Pope

Holy Family third-grader Travis Knight prays Friday during a vigil for Pope John Paul II at the church's sanctuary. John Flavell / The Independent

While the Travis is not Catholic, he attends Holy Family School and like many non-Catholics around the world, he is praying for Pope John Paul II. I didn't recognize him at first until Kiesha's mom pointed out that it was him.


Anonymous said...

Does he know he shares a name with a former Laker backup center, who Rick Pitino lured with an overpriced contract to Boston?


Jose Quinonez said...

Yeah, when I went searching for other newspapers which may have carried his picture I kept getting pictures of Travis Knight the former Laker. I totally had forgotten that he was on the team. Just goes to show how memorable he was. Hahahaha.