Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Ruben's First Birthday Party

Ruben celebrated his first birthday on two occassions. First in Nebraska with his grandma, aunts and daddy. He did not enjoy wearing his party hat though. That set him off to crying, which led to him to not wanting chocolate cake, which meant I had to take him out his seat and comfort him. Po' Baby. Well, he did eventually calm down and eat some cake.

Kiesha, the nana, aunt, Lometa and I also threw him a party in Kentucky. The logistics in pulling off such an affair are tremendous. I now understand why my parents only threw me one party and did not have any parties for my sisters. They are exhausting. I think the best way to go is to hold a party in some restaurant or other venue and have them cater. Kiesha, Lometa and I were out grilling and preparing food and preparing the place and sending invites and hosting. I hoped he enjoyed it cuz that may be the last one he has, although I know I won't be so lucky.

We have put up pictures on our website so that everyone not in attendance could see what you all missed. Hahahaha. Here is the link.

Kiesha and I wish to thank everyone that attended his party and thank everyone for their generous gifts. He truly will enjoy all his books when he grows up. He enjoys them now too, but I know when he learns to read they will be items that he will always treasure.

Thanks to all those that contributed an item to his time capsule. Especially Molly McDonald who wrote a very touching letter that had Kiesha, the nana, aunt and I misty eyed. Kiesha and I did not know that we had touched her heart so. We all miss Molly. She's a good friend.

Best wishes to all our friends out there and you know who you are. :-)