Saturday, December 09, 2006

Kiesha Meets Marissa Kaylee For 1st Time

This is one of the favorite pictures of everyone that I have shown the entire collection of photos at the hospital. The photo captures the unbridled and raw joy Kiesha felt at first seeing lil Marissa Kaylee. I have to put the photo in a bit of a context.

When Ruben was born Kiesha was awake for the c-section, so she got to see Ruben soon after birth and she was happy and smiling. That is my favorite picture of Ruben's birth. The picture above is my favorite picture of Marissa's birth.

This time around the doctors at the hospital informed Kiesha that she would be completely under for the c-section and gall bladder surgery and that I could not take pictures in the OR. Well Kiesha was highly upset and emotional at the time. She worried that she would not be awake if something were wrong with lil Marissa.

After coming to consciousness in the recovery room no one would give her a status report on Marissa. So she was worried. Hence, when she first sees Marissa we were able to capture her reation on film. :)


JennH said...

I love it!!! In fact you've almost made me cry too. I'll email you one of the pics like that of me, just as I promised you.

Truly one of life's GREATEST moments captured on film to be remembered always.

Kiesha Q said...

Hey Mister, you did not get my permission to post this picture. I'm glad it was captured on film but it's the ugly cry and not one I want to share with the world wide web. But that's my hubby for ya :)

Jose Quinonez said...

Hey, who said I needed permission. I love that picture. There are two other photos of her crying while holding Marissa but I won't post those. :-)

Lometa said...

thanks for sharing the photos...they are priceless!!!

Glen said...

Hey, it's been a while. Great photos--and what a story! Glad everyone is doing well. I'll have to check in on your blog once in a while. A lot has happened.

Jose Quinonez said...

Hey Glen,
Good to hear from you. There has been lots of change in our family the past year or two. Thanks for checking in. I hope you are well and I invite you to keep visiting.