Monday, December 04, 2006

Marissa's Birth Story

My due date was not until Dec 18th but they had scheduled a c-section for Dec 8th, due to my previous pelvic fracture. However, on Sunday night Nov. 26, I started having severe cramps in my right side and vomiting. I knew it was not contractions but the doctor wanted me to come in anyway. So they keep me overnight and gave me pain meds and the next morning they do an ultrasound and found gallstones in my gallbladder, the doctor said I had a ton of them. They did an ultrasound of the baby too and said she was 6lbs and they were a little concerned that her head was too small.

The surgeon that did my gallbladder wanted to wait to take it out 3 to 4 weeks after the baby was born. He did not want to do it at the same time as the c-section. They waited until Tuesday hoping that I would get better and they could keep her in a little longer but, on Tuesday my ob doc told the surgeon that was going to take my gallbladder that it could not wait.
I was in too much pain and I could not keep any food or liquids down. So on Tuesday Nov.28 they took her and my gallbladder, I wasn't able to be awake I had to be put to sleep. It was disappointing not being able to see the birth but she was healthy and that is all that matters. Jose was in there but we were not allowed to take pictures because it was done in the main OR and not the maternity one. They were afraid she was going to have problems and have to be put on a ventilator but she was perfect. She weighed 6 lbs 14 ounces and 18 inches long.My doctor said that my gallblader was 4 times the normal size and that he has never seen one that big. I guess that's why this pregnancy has been so hard but I just attributed it to the pregnancy never thought about gallstones.

She does have this small pin hole in the middle of her throat,it is not open but they want us to see a surgeon in 2 months. They are hoping it will close up on it's on but right now it doesn't affect her in any way. We just have to be careful and keep it clean.

I got out of the hospital on Thursday because I begged my doc to let me come home. It took me a few days to be able to move without being in severe pain, I have four small incisions and one long one from the c-section. The pain is not as severe now, I'm just exhausted.
She is doing great, only wakes to eat and then goes back to sleep for 3 hrs until her next feeding. My mom and aunt are here to help and they take the night shift some for us.

She was born at 3:30 pm and I did not get to see her until 7pm. Jose has the pics of when I first saw her and I was crying like a baby. I have threatened his life if he posts them lol

If this is all jumbled and doesn't make sense just remember I am on drugs lol


JennH said...

Keisha said: "Jose has the pics of when I first saw her and I was crying like a baby. I have threatened his life if he posts them lol"

NO FAIR!!! You've peaked my interest now. I'll share with you some of my crying mess ones if you share one of yours. :)

Laurie M said...

Keisha... I am so happy for you and Jose and Ruben and of course little Marissa!!!! The love shines through in the photos... beautiful family... and like Jenn... I am curious too... I wanna see K bawl like a chicken!!!!