Monday, January 15, 2007

Marissa Kaylee Dawn's Well Baby Checkup

We took Marissa to the doctor today. She is 23 inches long and weighs 10lbs 4oz. She has grown a lot in seven weeks. I will post her one month pictures this week, we took them last week but I have still not downloaded them.

Her thrush is getting better and her doctor is going to make an appointment for us in Nashville with a pediatric surgeon in the next few weeks. We want to get the surgeons opinion what if anything we need to do for the hole that's near her tracheae. There's is this long medical term for it but I don't remember what it is at the moment.

Things are getting a bit better. I have come out of my cave (our bedroom), and for those that think I'm kidding, just talk to my hubby. I'm even made trips out of the house with the kids. Not for long distances and I have not taken them out in public by myself yet either. Baby steps here, tiny baby steps. I do feel more connected to Marissa and can actually make it through a bottle feeding without wanting someone else to take her from me. Tomorrow is the first full day I will have both of them by myself all day. We tried that last Friday and let's just say Jose had to come home from work and I went back into my cave. I'm slowing coming out of the fog and panic and anxiety but they creep back in from time to time. Jose has been great about it which I will write about in my next post because he now has a title and a huge head to go along with that. So stay tuned and I will tell you all about that, some of you are even responsible for giving him such a big head!