Thursday, January 04, 2007

Not just "Baby Blues"

I know everyone is waiting for Christmas pictures and they will be posted very soon. So much has been going on. Everyone thinks having a baby is this wonderful event and the mother should be overjoyed, which is true. Baby's, especially our Marissa (I'm just a little bias) is such a blessing and joy but there are other feelings that come along after having your bundle of joy. Emotions that you seem to have no control over and have no idea why in the world you would have them. Postpartum depression takes on many forms and has a wide spectrum, from baby blues to panic disorder and even psychosis. I haven't hit the psychosis part so I guess that is something to be thankful full. I will write later about my experience and post some links to articles on the subject. A couple that are friends with us are expecting their first child and it is very important to be informed about this and not feel guilt for having those feelings.
Well I will post more later , hope you can understand my ramblings.


JennH said...

You're definitely going to have to fill me in on this. Obviously things have gotten worse instead of better. :( Also I wanted to know how your wisdom tooth removal went. See you've got way too much going on along with the postpartum part that there's no wonder that thinkgs have been so hard for you.

Well call me when you can. I'm thinking about you!!!