Thursday, January 10, 2008

This has been my day!

They have been fighting and crying all day.

No, no one hit her in her head, she just rubs her head when she is upset.

She will not leave the computer alone. I guess she wants her own blog!

And Ruben...well he found the stapler and was trying to staple his sister, he stopped as soon as he saw me so I could not get proof of that.

Only 2 hours until Jose gets home! Let's hope we all make it. They just will not leave each other alone today.
Oh and Ruben is playing with a ball and he keeps saying "my ball" well Marissa is now following him around the house screaming "no, my ball." Great, that is her first sentence. Just tells me what I am in for the next 17 years or so with the two of them.