Saturday, September 27, 2008

Today's Soccer Game

Ruben is really enjoying soccer. He has practice twice a week and this week he had two games. Usually he just has games on Sat. but this week he had one on Thursday night and one today. It was a bit hectic this week but it's over now. :)

He plays in the YMCA soccer league. They do not keep score, however Ruben does. He knows every game how many goals his team and the other team scores.

The first two games they played, the other teams were a little better and scored more goals. This really frustrated Roo, even when I tried to tell him it's all about having fun and not about who scores the most goals. He apparently didn't buy that for a minute.

They did better on Thursday night and also today. Roo scored his first goal on Thursday and two today. He was over the moon about this. I continue to tell him it's about having fun and not about "crushing the other team." (He used that expression when we were getting ready to go to the first game, after a very long talk he has not used it again.) Apparently, I need to explain this to some of the other parents there because there are a few kids on the team that have no interest in soccer and certainly have no fun whatsoever playing soccer. But the parents, mainly the fathers, continue to make them play. I guess it's a "my son will play sports" kind of mentality.

Ruben plays because he has been begging to play for the last year. And though he could have played last year, they can start at 3, I thought he was too young. I'm glad we waited.

Anyway, I will stop rambling and get to the pictures. :)

Saying a prayer before the game. Ruben's on the green team.

Pointing to their goal. They are 3 & 4 year olds, so this happens often in the game. Ruben is the second from the right.

Ruben (#10) getting help from his teammate.