Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Finally Have Internet Access

We have been without Internet access for about a week. Newwave finally came out today and hooked up a new modem and now I have access to the outside world once again.

I also have a nasty cold, so does Jose and Roo. So I will keep this update short.

Roo was so happy today because he was one of only three kids in his class of 26 to get a treat (candy, no less) for being good today. Apparently, I'm not the only one who is cranky on Monday's, so is most of Roo's class.

Jose went out of town for the night to a conference. You would have thought the kid's world had been turned upside down. Ruben stated that he liked me getting him dressed this morning, Jose usually gets him up and makes him dress himself, but he likes it better when Daddy drives him to school and picks him up. I told him I liked it when Daddy takes him to school everyday too :)
Marissa was at the window yesterday around the time Jose was supposed to be arriving home from work, and every car that came by she thought it was "My Daddy."
I thought I would never get them in bed.

And I realized I would have a hard time being a single mother, because I look forward to Jose coming home to help out with the kids so I get a break. Oh and of course I do miss him when he is gone. :)

Roo has fall break next week. We don't have anything planned and probably won't do much but just relax and go to the new park we have not been too.

The other night I let Ruben and Marissa watch a movie before bed in Rissa's room. I did not hear anything about about 30 minutes and just knew they were into something. I walked in and this is what I found.

Jose was shocked when I woke them both up. But it was 6 PM and there was no way I was letting them continue sleeping knowing that they would be up all night.
Nope, sorry I have to have my peace and quiet at night.


Anonymous said...

you find sleeping children when you leave them alone a few minutes- I get a rearranged room!

hope you guys are feeling better soon!! call us when you are better and we'll get the boys together.

hugs- Marla