Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mom is your name...

I found this on my friend Marla's Craft blog. I especially needed to read this today!

The telephone's ringing, the TV is blaring
Sister is crying 'cause brother's not sharing

There's a spill on the carpet that no one will claim,
There's no time for sitting when mommy's your name.

The Laundry is folded, but not put away
The dishes you just washed were from yesterday

Without any warning, your relatives came
There's no getting caught up when mommy's your name.

You drive to the market, you drive to the school
You drive to the cleaners, you drive the carpool

You drive yourself crazy, it's really a shame that
There's no time for resting when mommy's your name.

To your bedroom you sneak to find peace for a minute,
but your minute is over before you begin it.

Your little one finds you, and thinks it's a game
There's no time for hiding when mommy's your name.

At night as you kneel to thank Heaven above you,
an angel creeps in and says, "mommy, I love you."

You may not know glory, or fortune or fame,
but what does it matter when Mommy's your name?


Deb - mommy is my name too said...

Amen, Lately I haven't had much to smile about, this was a nice little piece that brought a much needed smile and sigh,
Thanks for posting it. It has been too crazy here and it feels like I'm drowning in all this. It is nice to be reminded that hey "mommy is my name" too, not just confussed and heartsick.