Monday, January 12, 2009

A New Toy

If you have visited our blog in the last day or two you have probably wondered what is going on because the look changes every 10 minutes. Well, I've found a new toy and I'm having way too much fun making headers and trying to decide which look I like best. So bear with me, I'm sure by tonight I will have made a decision. My poor kids are hoping I make one soon because they need to be feed, dressed, and entertained. :)

You can find my new toy at Scrapblog.
I've also decided that since I'm not good at scrap booking the old fashion way that I would use scrapblog to make a page every month for the kids and have them printed out and put them in a book.
That way when my kids see Josh and Jake's scrapbooks when they are older they won't feel quite so unloved.
Marla has documented every moment of their lives and I think it's awesome, I wish I had the talent and patience to do that. Since I don't I guess scrapblog is the next best thing, or at least that is what I will tell the kids. :)