Thursday, December 02, 2004

Final Post

Well folks, we are packing up our computer tonight and there will be no more blog posts until our computer arrives in Kentucky. According to our countdown timer as of this moment, Kiesha, Ruben and I have 3 days, 12 hour and 33 minutes left before we leave but don't fret because Kiesha and I may not be able to place written posts but we can blog audio MP3 files. Hhhmmm...very, very interesting.

I will take this cool piece of technology and provide field reports from Kentucky. Is Madisonville that different a place from Los Angeles? How many gun racks will I see within my first week in Kentucky? Do Amish really live near Madisonville? Do they sell Jack Daniels in vending machines? Most importantly, can I get a venti latte at a Starbucks? they have Starbucks in Madisonville? Stay tuned.


Andy L. said... posts in a week. Are they lost? Is there electricity where they are at? j/k