Thursday, December 23, 2004

Top Things Heard while Traveling to Kentucky

1. You should have stuffed those cats and shipped them out to Kentucky. (Obviously these people were not cat lovers.)
2. You will have to take your cats out of their carriers. (Obviously these TSA bag screeners are sticklers for rules, after Kiesha gave them a mean look and said she would not they finally caved in and allowed us to take the cats out behind a screen, while they took the carriers and ran them through the X-ray machine.)
3. You have one kid now but when you're kids outnumber you, you are dead. (What about when you have a kid and two cats, does that count?)
4. Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! (Even after heavy sedation, Domino would not shut-up)
5. Traveling with cats? How cool. (I was ready to strangler her but I didn't, she's obviously a cat lover, but people hater.)
6. If you didn't get a breakfast bag, please ask a flight attendant for one. (Breakfast bag? Don't like the sound of that.)
7. He's so adorable. (They obviously were not talking about me.)
8. Your flight captain today is Captain Kirk ?. (I didn't here the last name I just heard Capt. Kirk. Hahahaha)