Thursday, December 23, 2004

Wow, talk about a snowy Christmas! It started snowing here Wednesday morning and after the snow came sleet (I hope I spelled that right). It all finally stopped some time early this morning. We were without electricity yesterday from 6:00p.m. to midnight. Apparently all this sleet and snow knockout a transformer somewhere. Kiesha tells me that she's never seen this much snow here before. Her mom and aunt tell me it never snows like this. All I know is that my little putter has never seen this kinda snow either and she has never been snowed in like this. Poor girl, I'm gonna have to make it up to her after this. All this just brings flashbacks of Minneapolis -- 40 degrees below zero with the wind chill and just hunkering down with some snacks and a book and calling it a day. Well, now I don't hunker down I blog -- how times have changed. I have one request from everyone out in Cali, please, please do not tell me how warm it is over there. :-) One cool thing about this snow is that we get to put Ruben in his snow suit. Hahahahaha, he looks like the Michelin tire man and when mom wraps him up with a scarf everyone will think of "A Christmas Story". We'll send pictures so everyone can have a good laugh. Posted by Hello