Monday, January 31, 2005

Unemployed Daddy

Well, Daddy is still in the ranks of the unemployed. Every day I peruse the employment ads, internet, and company websites to see if a job opens up. By the looks of things, if I want to be a truck driver or housekeeper I could easily find a job.

I have sent my resume out to four organizations looking to hire. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm hoping one of them calls for an interview this week or next week. I will be sending out letters and resumes to some local contacts and see if I can begin to network a bit.

In the interim, daddy is enjoying his free time to play with Rubzilla (when he is in the mood) and spend time with mommy. I'm presently mid-way through a book that Jayme gave me a while back titled, "I had brain surgery, what's your excuse?". It is a very charming and intimate memoir by Susan Becker on her experience and recovery with brain surgery. I should have read this book much earlier, since it's been 7 months since my sister had brain surgery. I'm hoping to finish it soon so that I may send it to Soledad and Trista so that they may enjoy the book as well.