Monday, January 17, 2005

Update on Roo

He has TWO TEETH! Both on bottom in front. He is cutting his top front and I'm afraid he's cutting more all at once. Which has meant long nights and more crying than Jose and I have had to endure since the child has been born. So much for our perfect child who never cried :)
He is still mister happy go lucky during the day but at night is when he has the most pain. It's great to have his Nana and Mamaw here to take the monitor some nights! It's so hard seeing him in so much pain. He is pulling up on everything, getting into everything. and can stand alone for a few seconds. He will be walking soon, I can't believe he will be 1 yr in 3 months. Its crazy!

I went for my check up today. All my labs came back ok. Apparently I don't have diabetes, but they will continue to keep a check on it. They aren't sure why my sugar went so high.
But I'm an insomniac, have been my whole life so some how my doctor and dear husband got me to agree to go next Monday night to have a sleep study done so they can see why I can't sleep and why I am so restless when I do.
There is still time to change my mind. It will be really weird, having people watching you through a glass from 9pm till 7am, it is supposed to be set up like a hotel. What was I thinking when I agreed to this. Still have a week to back out!

Well I miss you all and expect you all to start posting! I have spoken to some and made my threats, the rest of you post your own news or atleast comment!
Rosa how is little Nathan doing?
Molly how's Oakland and the dating scene? ;)
Mee Mee how is married life?
Denise how's the weather ?;)
Clementina how is LAHSA without Jose, much quieter I'm sure ;)
Andy how are you liking your new condo and living alone?
Pete and Sharon how are things in San Diego?
Maythee how are you?
April how are you and Miriam?
Heather, where are you????

Well gotta go little man is screaming because Papi won't let him turn the channels on the tv.


Napoleon said...

Hello, I guess I finally figure it out. Here is my first comment. Following is an update on my Daughter Natalia.

She is now able to stand with a little bit of shake in her legs but she is managing to hang in there. She is now clearly saying MAMá and she says PAPá when she wants to cry. California life is great hope you guys were here. I hear your e-card, sounds like fun JOSE.

Familia take care.