Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ruben is a Friskies Boy

Ruben crawling around brings much joy to our hearts. It is fun watching his little diaper butt scooting here and there. What is not fun is watching him crawl into the kitchen and head straight to the cabinet door that daddy hasn't put a safety latch on yet. He apparently has a great power of recollection, because he remembers that he can't open the other cabinet doors, but he can open that one specifically.

He also loves to chase Abigail around the house. He gets a big kick out of touching her tail. For the past three weeks I've been catching him as he chases Abby and then heads to the cat food bowls wanting to eat the small bits of food that look yummy to him. One time he dipped his hand in the water bowl and now the cats apparently don't wish to drink from that bowl since it has baby cooties. The cats feel Ruben is marking his territory and they don't like it.

Two days ago I was in the back room while Ruben was up front with his mommy and nanas and finally reached his goal of getting into that Friskies bowl. He ate a piece and mommy was frantic, daddy was smiling and trying not to laugh, and Ruben was tickled pink. He didn't spit it out and continued to finish eating it so it must not have tasted bad. Surely, he'll be okay, but just in case we'll keep our eye out to see if he starts playing with the toy mice or using the litter box. :-)


PeterA said...

Personally, my preference was always for dry cat food. I would recommend that you switch when Ruben starts cutting some teeth. That should also help give him a lustrous coat and fresh breath.

Jose Quinonez said...

His hair is getting a nice luster. The nanas have switched the dry food to Iams Hairball Control formula so we can at least have piece of mind that Ruben won't cough up a hairball. :-)