Wednesday, October 11, 2006

9 more weeks to go!

Sophie will be here in 9 weeks! I am so ready for her to be here. I have gained 30 pounds already and I'm having a lot of pain due to my pelvis being fractured so many years ago. We have almost everything ready for her, we just need to purchase a bassinet and a few other items. Deana is going to Ashland this weekend to pick up the rest of Elaina's stuff for the baby. We have not had to buy a lot of baby stuff because Deb gave us all of Elaina's stuff and she was born the end of Nov. so the clothes were the same season.

When you ask Ruben what he is getting for Christmas he says 'my baby sister.' He is so cute when he talks about her. He loves feeling her kick and talking to her.

Roo is going to be Leo from the Little Einsteins for Halloween, I ordered his rocket costume the beginning of this week and will be sure to post pictures. All he has talked about this week is being Leo and wearing his rocket costume.

Well I will try to post pics of my belly and Ruben's :) this week.