Sunday, October 22, 2006

Our Own Little Einstein

Kiesha may have mentioned that we bought Ruben a halloween costume that is the rocket ship from Little Einsteins. We spray painted his hair red, put some silver rimmed glasses on him, and made him a composer's batton and he was Leo from Little Einsteins.

We dressed him up and took him to our church Halloween Carnival. All the older ladies thought he was so cute. He didn't want to do anything at the carnival except jump around in the bouncer. Well he did play well at one of the carnival games and got some candy. I ended up buying a plate full of brownies that are so delicious. Each brownie must weigh about 6 ounces.

Not everyone knew who the Little Einsteins are. One lady thought that Ruben was Jimmy Neutron. Hahahahahaha. Of course our priest Father Thomas didn't know who the Little Einsteins are so he was not impressed. He had a real fun time but it was awful on the way back because he just did not want to leave and he just threw a crying fit.


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