Friday, October 20, 2006


Most of you I am sure are so tired of me having a new name every few weeks. But it's just not as easy as it was with Ruben. We knew his name at 4 months and never once questioned our decision. Well, this time it's a different name every few weeks even after I am sure I have found 'the one.' We struggled for 7 months to come up with a name that would fit with my sister's name, who passed away at age 18 in 1992. Her name was Kimberly Dawn. We tried for months to find a name that fit with Kimberly or even Dawn. I wanted to use them as middle names but nothing ever really clicked.

Then I decided to go with Kathryn as a middle name after my mother. I guess it is more important to name your child after someone who is living after all and it would be the highlight of my moms life. So Sophia Kathryn was the name. Until 2 weeks of calling her that and then oneday it just didn't seem right. It's really gaining popularity, and we do not want a common name. I don't want her to have to be Sophia Q in school. Two other names that did not make it past the 2 week mark are Stella and Addison, even though at the time I thought they were 'the one.'

So I guess we will take a list in the hospital and see which one fits her and if worse comes to worse the day we go home and still do not have a name we can just throw them in a bag and draw one :)
Other ones we are considering are:
Sophia Kathryn (Sophie) still on list
Lila Kathryn
Olivia Kathryn
Riley Kathryn

Alexa Kathryn
Audrey Kathryn
Maya Kathryn
Natasha Kathryn (Jose's pic)
Mariah Kathryn

These are just some of the ones we like and the first few we are strongly considering.
Please give us your imput, can't promise we will go that way but we need all the help we can get. And please add new suggestions if you have any.
Remember....7 more weeks to go!


JennH said...

Ruben and "Riley" would be pretty cute, don't you think?

I can definitely see that!!!

Sheri F. said...

I love Sophia Kathryn, Kathryn Riley, Riley Dawn....Im so excited for ya'll(the new addition). I want to see pics of your belly. I love preggo belly's. They are beautiful!!! Love you guys,

Mary said...

Riley Kathryn
That is a cute name!

Jose Quinonez said...

Maybe we should mention the meaning of the names.

I know that Natasha is Russian for "christmas baby". Oh that is nice. I forget the meaning of the other names. :)