Saturday, January 19, 2008

Poor Baby!

I took Marissa to get her 1 year shots yesterday. We had to wait a couple of months because she has been so sick. I was thinking she would probably get three shots, that's the most Ruben ever got at one time. So I asked the nurse when we got in the office and she says Marissa will be getting five shots today. FIVE, I wanted to take my baby and run. But I didn't, I sat there and held her while the nurse stuck her FIVE times. Two shots in each leg and one in her arm. She screamed more than she ever has before. So I cried with her, not just for the shots she was getting but for all the things she has had to endure in the 14 months of her life. She has been been poked and prodded so many times. She has had so many IVs and been catheterized more times than I can count. She has survived one surgery and two hospital stays. Monday she goes back to Vanderbilt and will have yet another test, a cystogram. I'm hoping and praying that this will be the last test she has to go through. This test should tell us why she has had urinary tract infections since Oct.

She still amazes me, after all that she has been through she is still the happiest little girl I have ever met.