Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Quotable Ruben

This one is for you Star Wars fans out there. We have a budding movie star. You all remember the scene on the Millenium Falcon when Luke has to wear a helmet blocking his vision and asked to block some small laser blasters coming at him. He thinks he can't but Obi Wan tells him to use the Force.

I'll set the scene. We are at our old house packing up boxes. Ruben grabs his ligh saber and places a box over his head.

Ruben: "Dad, shoot your blaster at me so I can use the Force to block it."

Dad: "Alright buddy." Dad makes blaster sounds.

Mom (with surprised delayed reaction): "Ruben, what did you say?"

Ruben: "Mom, I'm using the Force to block his blaster shooter."

Mom: "What is the force?"

Ruben (sounding incredously): "Mom, the force is what flows through my body and controls my actions."

Mom: "Oh I don't think so. You control your own actions Ruben."

George Lucas would be proud. Well, Dad was a little proud too. Hahahaha.