Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My Baby is at School

Ruben woke up this morning so excited about going to school. He got dressed, made his bed, ate breakfast, and brushed his teeth. He thought it was funny that I was following him around with a camera to capture every move he made.

Making his bed.

My little spy.

He was having a harder time leaving Oso than his Mommy.

Jose and I took him in and he had no problem with us leaving him there.

I am so very proud of my little guy. I can't wait to hear how his day went. I miss him so much already.


marla1970 said...

wahaaa!!! I can't believe he is at school already. the boys start the 18th so I guess I better be getting prepared. We have teacher home visits (!) one is Friday afternoon and i think the other will be Tuesday morn. and I have orientation for parents on the 11th at night. Frank is out of town next week of course!

We were planning to call tonight to see how his first day went then some neighbor kids came over to use the trampolene and swim so by the time they left it was too late to call. Tell Roo the boys say hi- Tell Rissa to get comfortable and quit checking things out or she's gonna drive her Mommy crazy!!! I'll talk to you soon! :) Marla

did you get to close on the house today?