Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby & Update

Today is, actually it was Jose's birthday. It's 1 AM now the 27th technically.
We ordered in from Jose's favorite Thai place and had cheesecake afterwards. We sang Happy Birthday to him while Marissa looked at us like we had really lost our minds. She wasn't too keen on the Birthday song. She wanted to go straight to the cake!

He got an expensive fountain pen from his Employees at work and was thrilled.
The present we got him has not come in yet but he will love it. I can't reveal it here because he may surprise me and actually pay our blog a visit. :)

This weekend the kids are going to my mom's so we can celebrate our 5 year anniversary on Sat. I want to try and paint Marissa's room this weekend but not sure I should take on a task like that when we should be celebrating.

Roo is playing soccer for the first time and is so excited. His first practice was supposed to be tonight but it was canceled. They rescheduled it for Friday.

Toby is doing great. Marissa continues to climb on his back and scream "Ride!" He hasn't caught on yet but she tries everyday hoping it will be the day he finally gets it.

Well, I'll be sure to post pics from this weekend. I'm heading to bed. Night all. :)


JennH said...

MAN, I KNEW it was somebody's birthday yesterday, I just could not come up with it!!

Happy Birthday, Jose!!!

(p.s. today is Jared's birthday!!)