Saturday, August 02, 2008

Somewhat Settled In

We have been in our new home since July 29th. On Thursday we had everything moved out of the old house and turned in the keys. We have actually gotten a lot unpacked. It really feels like home and I am loving it.
We have not yet closed on the house, it seems like every time we have been set to close another form was needed or someone was on vacation that needed to sign off on something.
We are set to close on Wed. of this week, the same day Roo starts school. God has really been good to us. I was so worried that we would not have everything ready for when Roo started school but even though we are closing a lot later than planned, God worked it out so that we are comfortably settled in our home for when Ruben starts school.

The kids have adjusted so well to the move. Ruben has bunk beds in his room so we put his toddler bed in Marissa's room. I did not think she would do well without her crib. I just knew there would be no way she would stay in bed, but she has and she loves having her own room and a toddler bed.

I will post more pics of the house later.
Here are some pics from today of the kids playing outside.

Jose mowing the lawn for the first time at our home. Poor thing, it's a huge yard!

This is part of the backyard. The wooden playset came with the house, the log cabin came with us.

This is our shed.


Anonymous said...

so happy things are coming together!!! We just got home today from our rainy trip to Florida. Maybe we can get together soon. :)Marla