Monday, November 24, 2008

Busy Week Coming Up

I'm so not ready for Thanksgiving to be here and I'm in no way ready for my baby girl to turn 2 the day after.

Jose and I spent the weekend painting Marissa's room for her birthday. I got her a Winnie the Pooh bedding set a while ago. She mainly is crazy about Tigger but I couldn't find a set with just Tigger so she has to take Pooh too. :)

I wanted to paint her room purple but it just didn't work with the border and the bedding so we went with PINK! Much to my best friend's dismay! Lometa (Ruben's godmother) hates pink for little girls and honestly I'm not really crazy about it myself. But we did it anyway. We chose a very bright,almost hot pink. It could get to be a bit much I'm afraid, but I think it makes for a very cheery little girl's room. We also painted half of one wall with chalk board paint because the child loves to draw.

I promise to post pictures soon. We still have to get more border to put up.

I've got so much to do this week and all I really want to do on this very rainy Monday is climb under a blanket and go to sleep.