Monday, November 03, 2008

A Very Booo Time

Well we were all dressed up and trick or treating in Madisonville. I am told that in our neighborhood our neighbors were handing out cupcakes. Cupcakes! Well, Marissa wanted to be a pirate, even though I wanted her to be a ladybug. Ruben was predictably Darth Vader. Enjoy.



Anonymous said...

I never got cupcakes when I went our for Halloween. The picks are great of course! I bet the kids are already talking about Christmas now. What are they hoping for this year? I miss and love you guys dearly!!! Lometa

marla1970 said...

they are adorable!!! I know what you mean about updating one place too- My space gets neglected by me too! LOL! the blog is just so much easier. Josh tells me he want to dress up like cotton candy next Halloween... who knows where they come up with this stuff!

Mom is doing good. I'm worn out. She came home today- Friday. I hope she isn't overdoing things. I'm glad they are doing home therapy. I'm running in circles already! I have her dogs at our house so they won't trip her. I doubt the boys are going to want to let them go back when she's feeling better.

better run! :) Thanks for the phone message the other day, and the offer- you are the most awesome friend!! Hugs, Marla