Monday, November 10, 2008

November, Already?

Where does the time go? My baby is about to turn two and my niece will be 4?

Wow, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Christmas will be here before we know it.

I realized this morning that I have to take time to enjoy my mornings alone with Marissa because soon she too will be heading off to preschool before I know it.

So this morning I did some cleaning while she followed along and helped me. And then I gathered her in my arms and rocked her. Just taking in all of her. Thinking about how she has grown and changed and how independent she has been from the very beginning. She is such a joy, always looking for something to get into, her little mind always working in overdrive, her little face always wearing a smile. Oh how I love that little girl!


We have been going back and forth to mom's lately. And just got back yesterday from staying for the weekend. I'm trying to help Deana out more because she does so much. Deana recently had a kidney stone and was in bed for about a week. I took care of mom and realized all that Deana does for mom. I have never heard her complain one time though.

Mom's physical therapist has been trying to get her a lift. It will make everyone's life a little easier, especially mom's. She will be able to get in her wheel chair and sit up more during the day. And it will be a lot safer than just one or two people trying to get her up.

In order for Medicaid to approve the lift they need a weight on mom. The last time she was weighed was a year ago in the hospital. So tomorrow the Department of Transportation will be coming to the house with a scale to weigh mom. They volunteered their scales for free, the ambulance volunteered a stretcher, and several people have volunteered their time to help get mom weighed. We will be heading back tonight to stay so we can help tomorrow. Jose is off work for Veteran's Day and we will be taking Roo out of school.

I am hoping Mom will get the lift soon. It would be awesome if the lift would work to get mom in and out of the car. Then she could finally come here and see the house and stay for the Holidays. She could also go shopping for Christmas. She has not been anywhere other than doctors appointments for the last year.


Well, gotta go now. The electric heaters we are running just tripped the power.

Oh, did I mention that our heat has been out for about two weeks???
Which was fine because it has been fairly warm but last night it was pretty chilly. The whole unit has to be replaced. Jose has called two different places but it seems they are taking their sweet time. Oh the joys of owning a home ;)