Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Following Was Done For Safety Reasons Only

We rented a U haul on Sat and drove 45 min to moms to load up all of the stuff they are keeping so that we could bring it back here and put it in storage. The good Lord blessed us with the help of several volunteers from the Knights of Columbus from our church.

They were awesome.

It was pouring down rain and these men were moving heavy objects which included a piano and a huge refrigerator. The most amazing part....they had smiles on their faces the whole time. I was blown away and saw God in each of their smiles.

It was an exhausting day and we still do not have their house cleared, everything else is going to be sold, donated, or trashed. And we have until Sat. to do this. Good thing stressed is desserts spelled backwards because that is what I have been doing :)

Anyway, on to the pictures. We have gotten mom and DD moved into our family room. Mom's therapist thought it would be good to have a chair beside mom's bed so we could use the lift and have her sit up during the day. She has not sat in a recliner in over a year.

Well before we could do that we had to make sure it could be done safely so Jose and I were bored and wanted to be entertained agreed to get in the lift to determine the best way to get mom into the chair.

And just in case Marissa ever decided to jump in Nana's lap while she was in the lift we had to make sure that it would be safe.
I can assure you we were not monkeying around and had absolutely no fun playing with testing mom's lift to ensure her safety.


marla1970 said...

so glad you found some help with the moving! it sounds like you are going to be worn out when all of this is over. you guys can come over (aka escape) any time you want. Frank works Saturdays too so once you get the house cleared out pick a day and we'll have the kids play over here so you can "rest" a bit. Sending hugs- Marla