Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Look Out Papa John

Four Cool Cats

Hug Fest

Let the pizza making begin!

Papa Josh

Roo and Marla posing for the camera.

Marla and I taking pictures at the same time.

The pizza making crew.

Jake and Josh contemplating the art of pizza making.

After making the pizzas no one ate they headed outside.

Marissa was the pit crew and here she is fixing Ruben's tire.

All I said was pose for the camera and this is what I got.

Thanks Marla for letting us escape come to your house on Friday. We had a blast.

See ya this Friday. lol


Anonymous said...

Hey you got some great pics! I love the first one of Rissa with the glasses... I got these boys right where I want them... and they don't even know it yet! LOL! We'll have to trade pictures. We'll do something different next time- although, my preacher ate the left overs (long story) and he said it was the best homemade pizza he ever tasted and he wanted the recipe. I told him it was a secret! ;)