Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Up Up and Away

Mom's Hoyer lift arrived two days after we got her here in our home. We have only used it a few times with home health supervision but today Deana and I did it on our own.

We transferred her safely from the bed into the lift and then into her wheel chair. We used the big chair which unfortunately will not fit through our doorways, not even the front door, and it doesn't even fit the portable ramps we have outside. But it's more comfortable for her so I thought we should get her used to sitting up before we try the smaller wheelchair, which is the one she will have to ride in to her doctor's appointment in one week.

We did however open the door and let her look out at the real world and get some fresh air. She said it was awesome.

And we snapped some goofy family pictures while we were at it.

Good thing she does not have access to the computer at this time because I would be in a heep of trouble for posting that first sshhhhh.


Jenn said...


Anonymous said...

that is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

sorry- it posts me as anonymous for some reason! Glad to hear things are going better. Call me when you need to come to the big city! ;) ;)

Sheryl said...

i am not getting your blog updates!! what great news, i am sure your mom loved the fresh air.

also, every time i email you i get a delivery failure. please don't think i've been ignoring you, cuz i'm not.