Sunday, February 15, 2009

I've Learned So Much From Him

I knew from the start, way before we were even married, that my husband was an honorable and compassionate man. I, however, did not know the extent of his honor, forgivness, compassion and patience.

Every day, every month, every year I see it more and more. I see his honor when he refuses to use his job title for any personal gain.

I see his faith every time I panic and worry, he stays calm and reassuring.

I see his patience when I snap at him and he does not snap back even when he has more than enough reason to.

I could go on and on but I will get to the point of this post.

I have now seen his forgiveness and compassion displayed in ways I never thought possible.

When we had to get my mom and aunt out of their house because of the ice storm and they had no heat, it was never a question that they would stay here until it was safe for them to return home.

Then my aunt had to spend a few days in the hospital and we realized that she is no longer capable of taking care of my mom on her own. So Jose told them they should move to our town and they could stay with us until they found a place. We talked about it beforehand but I never thought he would be totally open to the idea.

When they were worried how they would ever get all of their stuff out, he did not hesitate to tell them that we would do it.

Jose and I spent Valentine's Day at their house packing and sorting through their stuff. They have rooms that you can't even walk in. It is quite a daunting task.

Deana and Jose spent today there because I overdone it yesterday and needed to rest. On the way home Deana said that Jose told her that they should stay with us for at least a year to save money and get on back on their feet.

Not flinching when the subject of your mother-in-law moving in comes up takes a pretty terrific man.

But there's more.

I won't go into too much detail because it is in the past and we have moved on. But when Jose, Ruben, and I moved from CA to KY, we moved in with mom and Deana. It did not last long and we basically were threw out with no where to go and a 16 month old. There was blame on both sides but kicking us out with a baby and no place to go was something I thought would be one of the few unforgivable acts someone could do. And if it wasn't totally unforgivable it certainly is something that would not prompt you to open your home to them when they needed it.

He has done both, forgiven them and opened our home to them.

Jose has taught me how to forgive and he's taught me there is nothing that is unforgivable.

He continues to teach me how to live, laugh and love, how to be a better parent, daughter, wife, friend, and Christian.

I'm so thankful I know this man and even more thankful that this man is my husband.


Anonymous said...

That is amazing! It is weird, our Sunday school lesson this morning was on forgiveness and I kept thinking there are two people I am holding grudges against that I need to let go of but it's hard. One was a neighbor that really put my Mom through a lot and the other the girl who kicked us out of Bible school at our old church because I asked to put the boys in a different classroom with kids their age. (think I told you about that heifer!) LOL! Anyway, your post inspires me to work on forgiveness. We'll get together this week, sounds like you need a break. sending hugs- Marla

Anonymous said...

Monday- Frank is off and boys have school
Tuesday- school, boys will be home at 11 what are you guys up to?
Wed. school, then we have Awana at church
Thursday- my scrap morning out. I think Frank will be off.
Friday- no school!!! I'm scrapping with friends in the evening. Would a morning playdate work?

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you!!! Can't wait to see you!!! Give hugs and kisses to everyone! Mee