Thursday, April 30, 2009

Glimpes from Roo's Birthday Party, Without Me :(

Our neighbor made green cupcakes for Roo, his favorite color of course.

This year he dressed up as a Storm Trooper

This is Ruben's teacher, they threw him a party at school.

When I get better, I plan on throwing him the party we originally planned, with the red light saber cake he requested. He would not let anyone else try to make a light saber cake, he said, "only my mom knows how to do that because she did it last year."

I feel tired today and still having a hard time getting around, the walker is my friend for now as is my new phone with internet access Jose got me as an early birthday present after my phone took a spin in the washing machine. Hoping and praying tomorrow will be better.


Sheryl said...

how nice that others temporarily filled in the gap to help roo have a great birthday!

i'm glad i didn't have to clean up that green frosting!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy you have great neighbors. I am counting down the days!!! Please call me when you feel like talking. I don't want to call and interrupt sleep, so I am going to leave the calling to you :) I am off tonight and I work the weekend. Much prayers and love!!! Lometa

marla g. said...

tell Roo happy birthday from us! I have a gift for him and we will get together soon. I was going to call and see if you were up for a visit today and I had to end up going to the dr. Turns out I have been ignoring some symptoms for a while now without realizing it and I have some sort of infection of the heart. i'm on antibiotics, pain relievers and as much rest as I can get. I hope I'll feel better and can bring the boys over ot see Roo soon if you guys are up for it. I miss getting together. Hope you are better soon too. I haven't been online as much lately- the screen triggers headaches lately and evidently I should have known that was something besides migraines. who knows anymore?!
never a dull moment with us is there? lol!

You are in my prayers as always. hope things are better, and don't worry about the bills, answers will come for that later, just focus on resting and feeling better. love you, Marla

Lazy Julie said...

Sorry that you are having such a hard time physically. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am one of the lucky ones with MS who didn't even know I was sick at the point that I was diagnosed. I lost vision in one eye and went to the doctor for what I assumed was conjunctivities. 3 days and many, many tests later, and I had an MS diagnosis.
My suggestions:
Get a referral to a neurologist.
If your primary won't give you one, get a new primary.
Get an MRI. If neurologist won't approve one, get a new neurol.
If the MRI does not show MS (most do if you have it) and you still feel like you know something is wrong, keep searching and asking your doctors for help.
If you are diagnosed with MS, go to the National MS Society website for a list of MS Centers (with neurologist, infusion clinics, MRIs and everything all in the same place).
Good luck.
Lazy Julie