Monday, April 27, 2009

Last Week, Wild Ride

A lot has happened since Easter, here are some excerpts from Kiesha's personal blog to get you all caught up.

From her friend Jenn
Kiesha needs our prayers

This a friend of Kiesha's posting this message for her. April 20th

Kiesha called me earlier to ask that I post this for her. She has had some concerning medical issues (a spinal cord compression) that has caused her to need immediate treatment at a hospital in Nashville.
She's obviously very scared because the compression has caused her to loose feeling and control of her legs. And she's very worried because of the financial implications this may cause. Lastly, she's very upset because her little boy's birthday is on Thursday and she's not sure if she will be home for it.

Please send up some prayers for her now. Pray for an easy healing, and strength and comfort from the Lord to get her through this scary time. Also pray for the caretakers that are with her children. She's the most concerned about them right now.

Kiesha, we are thinking of you!!! (((HUGS))) and prayers!!!!

(she said she would inform me as she knows more, and I will share what I can when I can).

Getting Specific April 21st

(Posted by Kiesha's friend, JennH)

Unfortunately there's not a lot to update still on what is going on with Kiesha. Her husband told me that the doctors didn't think the spinal compression was the cause of her issues, and they were going to due a CT of her brain to see if they found something there. But, after speaking to Kiesha's mom today, she said all the tests are still not revealing a true reason that this is happening to her.

She is still at St. Thomas hospital in Nashville, and she is still not able to use her legs. They have put her in a wheelchair for now, and still plan to do more testing to find out what's going on, but their best guess for now is that it is something related to the car wreck she was in as a teenager.

She's just in this frustrating place where she's presented with these terrifying symptoms, but no answers to help guide her to help.

Anyway, there are a few things that Kiesha requested specific prayer for.

One is that her doctors think that because of her condition that she may qualify for a medical card that would provide health coverage for the things she will definitely need (such as home healthcare, prescriptions, and such.) So, this would obviously be a huge blessing for them and another huge weight off of her mind!!! We definitely need to pray that this comes through for them!!

The other thing is we need to pray that she does regain control of her legs. I can't even imagine how terrifying it must be to be so young and lose the ability to walk. She's got two small kids (5 and 2 yrs old) that definitely keep her on the move. And I know that she wants to be able to move right along with them. I know that no matter what happens, Kiesha will find a way to do what needs to be done. She's one of the toughest people I know, and things like this seem to just make her stronger. But, I don't want her to have to go through that. She needs her legs, Lord, and I pray that You will completely heal them for her.

Thanks for the prayers that you all have already given for her, and just continue to lift her up. She needs to be wrapped in the Lord's comfort more than ever right now.

P.S. HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY RUBEN!!!! Mommy would definitely be there for you today if she could!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009
Hospital Update 1

Kiesha is okay. All scans of spine & head came negative in turning up a culprit for the tremors, numbness, & weakness in arms & legs. Neurologist thinks problem is related to old accident injuries.
He's prescribed muscle relaxers & physical therapy to help her relax, regain strength, and begin to walk again.

We appreciate everyone's prayers & support.

Kee will walk again. If for no other reason than she has to in order to leave the hospital. :-)

Ruben had a good birthday celebration all day long, starting with his preschool and ending at home with "Da Girls".

I'll continue to keep all posted on the latest with Kee now that I have her new Samsung Eternity phone with unlimited internet. Woohooo!!

Yours truly,

Friday, April 24, 2009
Going Home

Through sheer determination, if not hard-headedness, Kiesha has asked to be discharged to go home.
I am picking up her meds. She will likely see the neuro doc on an outpatient basis and we will go from there.


Saturday, April 25, 2009
Kiesha Having a Restful Day

Kiesha has been home now for close to 22 hours and she is doing better. She is eating more, walking more, sleeping more, and relaxing more. She is still dealing with a headache, her neck pain, and back pain but the only prescription right now is rest and muscle relaxers. I have bought Kiesha a therapeutic foam contoured pillow hoping that helps with the next pain. I bought some therapeutic heat pads to put on her neck and alternate with a cold compress.

I know that she wants to catch up with everyone out there in "Blogger"land and cyberspace. So in order to make sure she doesn't over do it, I saved all her favorite blogs on her phone so that she can go online while still in bed resting. She's getting the hang of her new phone and I think she likes it a lot.

All Kiesha wanted over the past 72 hours was to go home. I can tell you now that it is good to be home. Nothing beats home. When all of us feel ill, tired, awful, stressed, and any number of other uncomfortable situations we always just want to go home. I know that home is often times a place but for everyone it is always a feeling - a feeling of comfort, a feeling of love, a feeling of belonging, a feeling of relief, or a feeling of purpose. Home is always a place you can turn to and it is always a place of healing. I hope you all have a "home".

A word to all you mommies out there - please take a lesson from Kiesha and do not try to be super mommies or caregivers. Always pray for love, patience, strength, and fortitude then listen to how God responds. First and foremost listen to what God tells you through your own body. When your body aches it is your body and, more importantly, God telling you to slow down and rest. Pray to Jesus for healing but then ask others for help. No doubt God has placed a loving hubby, friend, sister, brother, or neighbor in your life that is able to help and will do so. Talk to them and ask for help.

If you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, take it from me it is not, but do take that as a message from God to step back and reassess what is happening in your life. Often times stress, pain, frustration, and confusion isoloates you and blocks you from feeling God's love. You can open yourself to God's love but you can also block out God's love and care. God creates life through a family, but your family is greater than your spouse and your kids. The family you have in place is how God immediately and concretely graces you with His love and care for you. The more you reach out and surround yourself with these persons the more you'll feel God's love. The less you reach out to these folks and carry on more than your share of work, problems, etc, the less you'll feel God's love.

A perfect example is all of you here in "Blogger"land. I know Jenn but other than that I do not know a single one of you but I know you are family for Kiesha. She reached out to you and you responded with your prayers to comfort both of us. As I have said previously your prayers, lifted her up emotionally, spiritually, and physically. She definitely felt God's love through you, through our church family in Hopkinsville, through my co-workers, and through our neighbors.

I am glad Kiesha is home. I wish she felt 100% better. I pray for healing more than anything but I know it is out of my hands. I do not know God's plan but I do not worry about not knowing -- what shall be His will shall be His will. I trust that He will cradle my family in His arms, like we cradle our children. I pray for fortitude and the love I need to care for Kiesha and my family. I pray for peace to not worry about things that I cannot control. I pray for peace so that I may not worry about how we will pay for all her medical costs, but pray for faith and trust in God - that God will not provide us with a burden that we cannot carry.

This may be my last post on Kiesha's blog since this takes time away from caring for my kids, Kiesha, and mother-in-law. So in my parting words I thank you all for your intercessary prayers because God listens to the prayers of the righteous. I will ask that you continue to pray. If you are Catholic, or even if you are not Catholic but believe those in Christ are alive in heaven, then pray and ask Mother Teresa that she ask Jesus to care for Kiesha the same way she cared for the sick and poor of Calcutta. Pray and ask our Mother Mary that she may ask her son to heal Kiesha back to health. What son refuses his mother? :-)

May God bless you this day and forever.
Yours truly,
Jose Quinonez